Approach Information

Learn about our vision and focus in the development of this tool.

Main approach

This is a tool for the whole family of developers, those who are not familiar with the design of sites and do not know preprocessors like SASS but also the great web design gurus.

It is a single file. CSS loaded with great components, browse through the documentation and you will see its great potential and incredible styles.

Content rating A, For the whole family!

A single CSS or SASS file

While we know that we only include a single CSS file, we work based on our first approach, which is simple and for the whole family.

Even a single CSS file with the full package included is quite flexible, lightweight and fun. Created for great style gurus and for non-experienced developers.

Use this file, extracting the greatest potential from its components and utilities.

For the experienced, the SASS source files are included.

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eFrolic | framework css 2018
eFrolic | framework css 2018

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eFrolic | framework css 2018
eFrolic | framework css 2018

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